Linux 101: What are stopped jobs on Linux and how to use them?

What do you do when you see the “There are stopped jobs” warning in the Linux terminal? Jack Wallen shows you in this latest Linux 101.

Image: Larich/Shutterstock

Have you ever gone to exit out of a Linux terminal, only to be warned there are stopped jobs? What are these mysterious things and how do you finally stop them? Let’s figure out this puzzle. 

The first thing you need to understand is what stopped jobs are. Basically, they are jobs that have been temporarily placed in the background. Say, for instance, you run the top command. Instead of actually closing it with Ctrl+C, you’d rather keep it running in the background, so you can recall it later. For that, you use the Ctrl+Z keyboard combination. When you do that, you place the command in the background. 

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